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2018. 8. 2. · The prophecy provided to Lord Voldemort about Harry Potter became the catalyst for the entire series, as it labeled him as The Chosen One. On the other hand, he is not the only “Chosen One” in the group. After.

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The Slytherin Renegade. September 21, 2020 Daydreamer. Harry Potter | Ron Weasley Draco Malfoy | Fantasy Romance Love Lily Harry Potter Quotev. Lily Bay Weasley has always be surrounded by a loving family. She felt that she had a team; people who she could count on no matter what. But when Lily starts seeing very apparent differences between. Hermione felt the screams rip from her throat, felt the blinding pain wrack through her bones and flesh. When it stopped, someone was straddling her chest, holding her by the neck, their face inches from hers. She peered into the dimness and saw one heavy-lidded eye bearing down upon her. †“Tch, tch, tch, tch.

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harrypotterfanfiction. hpharmony. angst. +12 more. # 12. Kinks (Draco x Harry) by Drarry. 101K 1.6K 7. Harry had been suspicious of him being onto something that had to do with the dark lord for a while now. So, one night, he grabs his invisibility cloak, and wanders down.

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Hermione forgot completely that the whole torture commenced before their eyes. She twisted her head a little. Her eyes found Draco’s. He was cowered in the corner, his eyes fixed upon her, white as a wall, his mother’s hand on his shoulder.

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See more ideas about Mpreg, Mpreg anime, Anime pregnant. He was their only child because he was born later in their lives The Harry Potter universe features deep backstories for many of the main characters. She and her older Hermione Gives Birth, a harry potter fanfic FanFiction . A Harry Potter</b> Fanfic.

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2021. 10. 31. · "Harry! Hermione! Stabbed in the back! Hermione! Blood! Come with me!" came the stuttering reply which made Harry's blood turn cold. He's already lost so many important people in his life. He possibly couldn't lose Hermione. She deserved to live. He couldn't live without her! Life without Hermione would be meaningless and empty. No! He just.

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9. The Hottest Jack-o-Lantern. Author: Tweety-src-clt9. Chapters: 1. Words: 10,352. Story: This hilarious Harry Potter smut fanfiction is sure to get you in the mood for Halloween! Winner of H&Co’s smut writing challenge, this story is full of laughs and sizzling hot scenes between Harry and Hermione.

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Mrs Granger (Harry Potter) MUGGLE AU. On her fifteenth birthday, Hermione Granger was crying. Like most days, the bullies in her quiet little town got the best of her. But when she gets home that day, she realizes it doesn’t matter what those bitches say, especially when her daddy steps in to save his angel.

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Harry James Potter (born July 31, 1980), is a Half-Blood wizard, son of Pure-Blood James Potter (1960-1981) and Muggle-born witch Lily Evans (1960-1981). On October 31, 1981, when he was about a year old, Lord Voldemort (1926-1998) broke into James and Lily's home in. She first appears in the novel Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (1997), as a new student on her way to Hogwarts.After Harry and Ron save her from a mountain troll in the girls' restroom, she becomes best friends with them. 286 All was Definitely Not Well » by TomHRichardson 4 September, 2017: It has been nineteen years and some months since the Battle of Hogwarts;.

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2014. 4. 10. · Ongoing. First published Apr 10, 2014. After the devistation of the war, Harry and the gang decide they should go back and complete their seventh year along with the rest. Harry and Hermione become incredibly close friends when they have to share a private dorm due to their Head Student duties, what will unfold. Harry said. He really didn't want to ever go back down there. The chamber held too many bad memories, Ginny almost dying, getting stabbed with the fang, Riddle, but it was obviously important to the teachers. "Good." said Dumbledore, finally sitting. "Fawkes will meet all of you by moaning myrtles bathroom in an hour.

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Chapter Ten. October 27th 1977. Remus came in, earlier, he was in some sort of frenzy, I guess. He mentioned Hermione before leaving the room once more and I began to worry, you know, because you worry when your best friend mentions the name of the person you are confused over, I like her, I think.

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